1. How much is the deposit?
It's a 50% deposit up front, 50% on your wedding day. 

2. How long have you been doing this?
I (Kiwan), head photographer of this company, practiced professional photography mostly in NY and NJ from 2001-2008. Besides wedding photography, my last assignment on the mainland was shooting a new high-tech painting process on Hyundai Automobiles in an Alabama factory. I started wedding photography in Hawaii in April of 2008. My wife, PhD. Park, is an professor at UH, and teaches a gifted education class. We both love our peaceful lives in Hawaii. I'm only shooting weddings these days; wedding photography is all about capturing brief key moments, and the emotions, and it excites me!

3. What do you mean by 'Signature Images'?
If you look at my albums, each and every album has its own unique color tones and style.  Colors set the tone and mood of the images, so it's very important to find the right touch-up tones for your album that will also fit just right on your skin tone and lighting situation.  'Signature Images' are the extra steps and photoshop touch-up I include to make your images extraordinary.

4. What does 'Basic Images' mean?

Basic images are the digital negative images on which we batch re-touch via 'auto-tone' exposure, white balance, saturation and resolution.

5. How long is an Engagement Photo session?
For shooting in just one location, the session takes about 2-3 hours, including travel time from our studio at 2111 S. Beretania St. in Honolulu. 

6. How long will photos in the album last?
Life of photo color heavily depends on exposure to sunlight.  If the photos stay in direct sunlight, they may only last a couple of years before they change color.  If photos stay in shaded areas, they will last much longer.  If your album is kept closed, photo color will stay an extremely long time. Don't be fooled by photographers who tell you that their album will last longer than others; it’s just a trick to overcharge their customer! 

7. How to select photos for our album? 
I (Kiwan) usually choose photos for your album first and you add your favorites later. However, you are the one that chooses how your album will look in the end. I will touch up the photos and design the album multiple times until you are perfectly satisfied. I had a customer who was graphic artist, and she designed her album alongside me in my studio, which is perfectly fine with me. It's my pleasure to see my customers blessed with their perfect dream album!

8. Why do you provide wedding video DVDs twice?
I don't order any photo album unless my customers are completely satisfied with their album design preview.  All our photographs are taken through this “confirmation process,” so this applies to our videography services as well.  Editing the video is only a small part of the process; the customer can review it at home and request changes for any reason.  For example, the customer might prefer to edit someone out or include them in the video, so I will re-edit it once more.  I believe you should have control of your own wedding video at least once, and I include a copyright release at no extra charge (we never sell print release or copyright release--it's an unfair way to make money).

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